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Howdy, I'm Cyberaxe

Over my life, I've done so many things. Having 1 website doesn't work anymore.

Please select from the options below where you'd like to go from here. 

Pick a Site to Visit


Business Technologies​​

Contract IT Services

3D Building Models and Advanced Network Designs

IT Contractor Auditor

Oncall 24/7

Security and Risk Assessments

Game Development

Minecraft Bedrock Addon Game Development

Marketplace Partner Consulting

Guides and How to's

Blockbench Models

Prototypes and Demos

Discord Access


Just Added

Custom Glass Art

Glass Sandblasting

Custom Deep Carve

Bongs and Pipes

Christian Custom Art

Vases and Bottles

Business Branding

Events and Rewards

Meet Social Cannabis-idea2-v003-ByJeremyBenisek-050318-01 (Large) (1).jpg


Cannabis Photography

Micro Photography

Events and Clubs

Our Testimonies 

The Lazy Ninjas Logo-v004-ByJeremyBenisek-061819-TRANS-01 (Small).png

Moved to Discord

FREE Rocket Delivery with every purchase

Weekly Streaming

20+ Year Gaming Family

Meet the Ninjas

Sounds of the Ninja


Coming Soon


Photography, Videos, Drones and Music


Video Editing and Production

Logos and Aftereffects

Voiceovers and Audio Editing, Music Writing

Jeremy J Benisek Howdy 022616 (2) (Small).jpg

How to Support Me

Any support helps provide more guides and community support time.

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