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How to Guides (List)

Here you will find a list of all the Guides I've created for Minecraft Bedrock, Discord, and Unreal Engine. Plus many others. 

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Guides to do:

Minecraft Bedrock / Blockbench / Unreal Engine 5  (Timelapses, Real-time, Follow along, Making of)

Guides Planned:

  • For me, custom weapons with abilities and custom animations(using mainly a mix of bridge and blockbench)

  • Projectiles

  • How to create custom particles

    • Stun effect Magic like thunder magic​

  • Custom Elytras

  • I also wanna learn how to make custom enchants that works the same as normal enchants

    • if making custom enchants for an item, i suggest making the items lore to store the enchant and then make a function to get the enchants upon different after/before events​

  • Themepark Rollarcoasters

Not Planned but needed

  • Video guide for bbench plugin creation (if there's not already one)

    • "for today's episode, we will create the helloworld bbench plugin."​

  • How to bb-themes, CSS, Materials

  • Resources/wiki to learn how to make blockbench plugins?​

Marketplace Content (Stuff I made or was part of)

List of All Guides           From Aug 2022 - 11/30/23

Minecraft Bedrock / Blockbench / Bridge v1 / Discord / Life / Unreal Engine 5 / Adobe (How to Guides)

List of Prototypes and Examples

Making of (Blockbench)

Free Assets

Other (Questions, Misc, Podcasts)

Pitches (Ideas, Requests for Project Funding)


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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